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David Clark H10-13.4
David Clark H10-13.4 Extremely lightweight - only 13.4 oz. Certified Noise Reduction Rating ..
DKK 3.245,00
David Clark Model DC PRO
The DC PRO passive headset incorporates outstanding comfort features in a supra-aural design. This l..
DKK 3.500,00
Flight bag for Headset
Padded protection for an individual headset, papers, or personal items. Securely link two of these t..
DKK 125,00
Headset HS1
Et fint Headset til begynderen ..
DKK 1.218,75
Intercom for 2 headsets
THE BASICS: Expandable, stereo and portable: Avcomm’s new AC2EX may possibly be the only intercom..
DKK 595,00
KTX-2 Transponder
The KTX2 mode S transponder is like all Dittel Avionik a highly efficient device. During the develop..
DKK 14.993,75
Transceiver KRT2-Panel Mount 8.33 VHF/AM
Radiotransceiver KRT2 The KRT 2 is a completely new developed aviation radio meeting the new..
DKK 13.475,00